is regarded as the third most common element present in the earth’s crust…

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…and is therefore the most common metal in the world. Since its first production at the beginning of the 19. century this metal with its fine silver lustre has developed from a rarity to one of the widely used metals in the world thanks to its excellent processing properties. Durability, ease of use and recyclability are aluminium’s most outstanding characteristics. Thanks to alloying with among others, copper, manganese, magnesium, or silicon the metals essential material properties can be tailored to your needs.

Semi-finished products made from aluminium
with all common alloys

Semi-finished products made from aluminium are now indispensable in many industries. Aluminium semi-finished products are used particularly in applications where a high level of stability and a light weight are important: from scaffolding and booth construction at trade fairs all the way up to the automotive and even aerospace industries. To ensure that products can be processed quickly, we offer individual cuts of aluminium sheets in various sizes as well as numerous other high-quality semi-finished products. In our large product line, you can find for example, aluminium profiles (U-Profiles, T-Profiles, Z-Profiles), round aluminium tubes, square rods, sheets, and strips. A full list of our range of semi-finished products made from aluminium can be found above this info text. You can find out more about the available compositions and sizes for our semi-finished products on the “details” pages.

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Our sales team in your area is always available to help and will advise you quickly and competently. Our rods, pipes, profiles, sheets, plates, strips, and wires are picked in any desired batch size by the latest in computer controlled bearing technology and sawed, cut, foiled, and anodised or finished according to the specifications of your drawings. In addition to aluminium we also offer metal semi-finished products made from copper, brass, bronze, gunmetal and nickel silver!

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