An ingenious mixture of copper and zinc…

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… has already been coveted since the 3rd millennium BC in Babylon for decorative purposes not only because of its shimmering gold appearance. Brass has a bright to red-yellow colour depending on its copper content. By varying the zinc content or adding additional metals such as lead, manganese and aluminium brass alloys are created for use in a diverse range of applications including in industries demanding the highest technical requirements.

Semi-finished products made from brass
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As a customer of our company you can choose from a wide range of semi-finished products made from brass. The round rods, square rods, hexagonal rods, profiles (U-Profiles, T-Profiles, etc.), square or circular pipes can also be produced as custom-made products which we will happily create according to your drawings and specifications. Thanks to our unique storage facilities we are able to provide you with your desired products in various quantities quickly and in a way that is perfectly tailored to your production. Because we focus on the customer and their needs we always strive to offer you not only high-quality products at great prices, but also a friendly service, that you can rely on.

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Our sales team in your area is always available to help and will advise you quickly and competently. Our rods, pipes, profiles, sheets, plates, strips, and wires are picked in any desired batch size by the latest in computer controlled bearing technology and sawed, cut, foiled, and anodised or finished according to the specifications of your drawings. In addition to semi-finished products made from brass we also produce semi-finished products made from aluminium, copper, bronze, and other alloys as well as stainless steel strips, gunmetal rods (flat, round, etc.) or nickel silver rods – simply browse or website or contact our staff for some friendly advice.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about our products or services. Just give us a call or send us a message via our website – we’re always pleased to help.

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