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As mankind’s first metal, for more than 10,000 years copper (lat. Cuprum) is alongside gold, silver, and tin more important today than ever before and an essential part of our everyday lives. Alloying with tin and lead turns copper to bronze and when combined with zinc and nickel silver it becomes a component of alloys such as brass. Its exceptional properties have made the chemical element into a coveted high-tech material of the future: copper is resilient, malleable, easy to process and also possesses excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. In this age of rapid environmental change, it is also important not to forget: copper is almost 100 % recyclable! This ensures natural resources are preserved.

Semi-finished products made from copper
Alloys & individual dimensions

Semi-finished products made from copper and copper alloys are often used in electrical engineering and equipment manufacturing. Semi-finished copper products are also used in a wide variety of implementations in refrigeration and air conditioning, food, and packaging technology as well as in mechanical engineering. Our range of semi-finished products from copper includes sheets, strips, square rods, round rods, wires, round pipes, WICU-tubes as well as copper-chrome-zircon variations. Of course, we can also produce custom-made products which we will manufacture according to your specifications and drawings. In addition, our company’s innovative storage technology enables us to supply you with variable product quantities individually adapted to your production processes. As our customer, you will benefit from the highest quality materials at fair prices – and from service where you, the customer, are our main focus.

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Our sales team in your area is always available to help and will advise you quickly and competently. Our products – rods, pipes, profiles, sheets, plates, strips, and wires are picked in any desired batch size by the latest in computer controlled bearing technology and sawed, cut, foiled, and anodised or finished according to the specifications of your drawings. Furthermore, we can provide your company with special solutions and offers to cover your short-term needs. In addition to copper, at Zänker & Dittrich you can find metals and semi-finished metal products made from brass, aluminium, bronze, gunmetal and nickel silver – our product range has everything you need! What’s more, we regularly provide up-to-date quotations and further information regarding current rates for metals to provide you with the most comprehensive insights available.

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